3 Tips – How To Grow Long Relaxed Hair

I’ve been growing my hair long and strong and learning the fundamental proper techniques for growing black hair since 2008. The pic below shows my hair before my HealthyHair Makeover to what it currently looks like today.

As the owner of the website http://www.HealthyHairMakeovers.com,  I have all natural products that promote healthy hair growth, and for those ladies who need additional help making a personalized hair care regimen to meet their goals, I offer consultations.

How can you turn your parched locks into growing your own long, healthy, relaxed hair? The key is you have to learn to the proper techniques and you must have the proper moisturizing products to have long, healthy, relaxed hair. This is where the challenge comes in.

Yes, I make it look easy because you cannot go to the grocery store aisle without seeing the “ethnic hair section”, but just because those products are marketed to “us” are they really good for our hair?  Let me ask you this, when is that last time the “ethnic hair care section” provided you with outstanding moisture and left your hair ultra shiny and healthy?  Say again?  Never?  Well that is the problem ladies.  Most of these products are masked with cheap, non-moisturizing fillers like mineral oil and petroleum. Don’t be mislead by the nice shiny bottle. I know because I’ve put in time to make this work. If you’re looking for this to happen overnight, you are on the wrong site and in the wrong frame of mind.

How to Grow Long Relaxed Hair

First, watch the video below that gives you an overview of my own Healthy Hair Makeover and how I use my products to grow my hair long and healthy.


I owe a big part of my success to deep conditioning PROPERLY with the proper products. My regimen completely changed the way I approach my hair care.

Skeptical About Growing Your Own Long Relaxed Hair?

You may be frustrated and believe nothing works when trying to grow out your hair. I can assure you that regardless of trying, hair is going to growing out of your scalp.  The proper we have is KEEPING IT ON OUR HEADS. It just takes a lot more work and more time dedicated to your hair in order to see results.


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ABOUT THE WRITER:  I am the owner ofhttp://www.HealthyHairMakeovers.com, which specializes in personal consultations and we have our own natural product line which is personalized for women of color. Our products will help you achieve your hair’s maximum health and length potential. In a matter of days, your hair will feel softer, look shinier, and most importantly feel healthier after using our products. Follow our instructions, stick with the program, and overtime you will have the best hair you’ve ever had (longer, thicker, and healthier). CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE HAIR HEALTH ASSESSMENT 


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